5 Reasons SD-WAN Is Right for Healthcare

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In an age of connected healthcare, information sharing across the entire healthcare continuum of care relies on unlocking silos of information. It also depends on reliable uptime and quality network performance.


SD-WAN with Magna5 enables you to create a more resilient network for multi-site healthcare locations and affiliate organizations by leveraging the most cost-effective and bandwidth-rich WAN connections to improve voice and application performance. You’ll see an immediate difference in faster speeds, higher bandwidth and secure connections.

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Centralized, Real-Time Monitoring

Assures quality voice connections and reliable application performance for improved quality of service.

Dynamic, Multi-path Traffic Orchestration

Eliminates session drops or link degradation with continuous traffic steering and on-demand remediation.

Full Visibility into Your WAN Environments

Single-screen visibility into all branch locations enables proactive alerting, troubleshooting and optimization.

Seamless Failover

Ensures “always on” connectivity with redundant failover to avoid blackouts or business downtime.

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